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3 Ways to Clean Silver Jewellery, No. 2 Will Surprise You!

There are many different cost effective ways to clean your jewellery. From a quick clean to a thorough clean. Although, a professional polish is incomparable, these methods can add an extra sparkle to your jewellery pieces!

1. A simple clean for your slightly tarnished jewellery is to add hot water to a cup and just drop your jewellery pieces in and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This will clean the dirt off the metal and between any gemstones. BUT, make sure your dry your jewellery with a soft cleaning cloth, and make sure it’s completely dry when putting back in your

jewellery box to avoid any water damage.

2. Another simple clean is to add salt to hot water… yes a small teaspoon of salt! Salt is a cost effective way of gently cleaning your pieces without abrading the silver. Leaving

your jewellery to sit in this salt bath for 2/3 minutes and this should remove any light tarnish. Again make sure it’s completely dry before putting back into storage. Moreover, with expensive jewellery pieces and gemstones take these to a professional polisher.

3. Finally, a more thorough clean would most defiantly be buying a silver cleaning solution. This is a easy process as all you do is drop your jewellery pieces into the cleaning solution and let it do its magic! Then remove this after a couple of minutes of the jewellery emerged and this should come out a lot more shiny!

Once any of these methods have been used to clean your silver jewellery. Make sure you give your item another quick polish when dry with Jewel Eye’s very own polishing cloth for an even better shine. Also keep an eye out of Jewel Eye’s cleaning kit coming soon!

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