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How To Look Expensive on a Budget

Accessorising can be tricky. Why? Because there's a fine line between over doing it and looking plain Jane.

Long away are those days of wearing chains the are way too chunky, you know the ones we mean, the type where it looks like your struggling to keep your neck up.

The latest trend however, and one we hope stays, is a classy minimalist look. Wearing minimal jewellery with a plain attire will make you look a million bucks. Don't believe us? From Jay Z to Steve Jobs, there is one thing they have in common. That's wearing simple outfits, nothing with crazy patterns or bright colours competing against each other.

By following this simple method of wearing a plain t-shirt paired with jeans or pants, this look will stand the test of time. Two words come out from this look. expensive and timeless. No one will be able to tell if the t-shirt you're wearing is from Givenchy or from the high street. If there's one thing we've learned from the worlds millionaire's is that you don't have to deck yourself out, simplicity is the best way forward. Our intricate and detailed jewellery pieces are perfect for completing any outfit and from £30 you can't go wrong. Gold plated or sterling silver chains make for the perfect finishing touches. Why not add a ring on as well to really make the outfit complete...don't over do it through, remember minimal intricate pieces will make your basic outfit look expensive.

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