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Wearing multiple rings… 3 things you need to know!

Wearing multiple rings isn’t as hard to pull off as you thought! You want to know why? Then keep on reading…

We understand your struggles to build a collection, you’re always seeing on social media how perfect the models rings are and how well they are worn together! Well… here at Jewel Eye we have formulated the perfect set of rules, featuring our beautiful Sterling silver collection, to see you through!

Women's sterling silver ring with CZ stones
Women's Simple Stunner Ring in Sterling Silver

Rule 1: Thinner the better

When it comes to creating a stackable collection, the key is having that one simple piece that ties the whole look together. Our ‘Simple Stunner’ Ring, crafted from 925 silver, is the perfect piece for this rule. As the name suggest it is thin, classical and elegant. When wearing multiple rings, it’s important to contrast and a simplistic piece is perfect to tie the whole look together.

Rule 2: The statement ring

A statement ring is a MUST if you want to have a hand like the gram! Two of our favourite statement rings are the ‘Tiered Ring’ and the ‘Double Cross Ring’, both exceptional showstoppers! Make sure you wear alone on the designated finger, don’t over do it! You don’t want to go from 100 to 0.

Women's Sterling Silver Ring with a bow design made with CZ stones
Women's The Perfect Bow Ring in Sterling Silver

Rule 3: Stack em’ up

Now that simple ring is nailed down, it’s time to add a flawless stackable piece. For this you’ll want to use a ring that’s isn’t too big or too small, look for a piece that would fit nicely on top of the simple band. Our ‘bow ring’ is a great companion for this stacked look. Simply place this ring on top of the thin band ring and there you have it, a beautiful stacked look!

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