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Jewel Eye's products are carefully selected, and with most of them being made from sterling silver we know our products have longevity. However, to ensure these stay in lustrous condition, we have a few tips to help you out.


Each Jewel Eye item(s) is to be cleaned with a polishing cloth to remove any minor scratches on the sterling silver, this also enhances the shine on the product whilst removing any dust. Furthermore, if any dust occurs in-between the cubic zirconia stones, a soft bristled brush can be used as a cleaning method.


As a last resort, gently wash with water, but only if necessary. It is imperative the product is completely dry before placing back into storage to avoid any water damage.



Please note that all jewellery pieces must be kept dry. Additionally, to further protect the item(s) place the item back into the Jewel Eye packaging when in storage.

Extra care ought to be taken when exposing the sterling silver item(s) to any household chemicals. Therefore, item(s) must be removed when exposed to products alike bleach, perfume and cologne.

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